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The only thing I’d like to say is “Hey, here!”. Probably, many of you have already got to know me well thanks to the long time I’ve been working with you, doing things like organizing your courses, sharing events, coaching your projects or pooling Masterup.

Now I’m even more committed to you all, because we aim to build an entrepreneur, open-minded, creative and egalitarian province. We truly think that training is essential for the value creation in the University of Cadiz. Come closer and let us help you! We really want to support you in any of your projects.

Our desire to cooperate with you and offer our services to the community of Cadiz is absolutely vocational, so it’s important for us to coordinate our activities with anyone related to entrepeneurship or companies.

We would love to count on you; your help would make this challenge more exciting! Are you joining us?

Jose M. Sánchez Vázquez
General Director of “The DG of entrepeneurship, business and graduates”