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Do you have an idea? Are you proactive? We can help you!
If you are aiming to start up an innovative project or business, here you can find a great service of entrepeneurship personal advising at your disposal; we’d love to support you through the process.

More than 1480 people have already put themselves in our hands to look into their ideas!
We’ve launched more than one thousand initiatives!

What do we offer? How can it help you?
We bring you the opportunity to use the most updated entrepeneurship work tecniques with flexible methods and a philosophical point of view. In addition, our team is properly formed in terms of academic and scientific knowledges and has a lot of experience.

  • We analyze the resources and abilities you have, so one day you would be able to start your business on your own and start growing, expanding.
  • We take into account all the risks, because it’s a reality that most of the initiatives for entrepeneurship fail. If that happens, we assure you it won’t have devastating consequences.
  • We prepare you to deal with unexpected situations, because plans can be modified easily. We help you to face difficulties and turn them into new opportunities.
  • Co-creation. Our relational resources will be truly useful for your entrepeneurial experience.
  • As it is imposible to predict the future, we will try to create it. We are used to taking action from the very beginning.
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Enterprising service point

Furthermore, we offer and enterprising service point authorised by CIRCE, from the General Direction of small and medium-sized enterprises. That means you can focus on your business safety. We process all paperwork in order to facilitate you the work. Everything will be easy, cheap and quick.

For more information, click here (Enterprising service point)